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Re: Just bought a 5KTQ. Need some help...

>To: Veedub <jewing@sprint.ca>
>From: "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@nwonline.net>
>Subject: Re: Just bought a 5KTQ.  Need some help...
>At 10:48 PM 12/3/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>I just purchased my first 5000 Quattro.  It's an 86 with all the toys. 
>>Here's the problem:  It runs like crap.  I pulled the plugs, and they
>>are pretty black with carbon.  The car sputters when you rev it up, and
>>has good compression.  The oxy sensor seems to be functioning within the
>>proper voltage levels too.  Cap/Rotor/wires are all good.  Where should
>>I start next? 
>.......................FIRST, go to Scott Mockry's website
<http://www.sjmautotechnik.com> and read all about rejuvenating the 5000.
Better than a Bentley. Also (1) clean up all the electrical ground points
in the engine compartment. (2)Find and fix all the vacuum line leaks.
Chances are the vacuum hose between the Intake manifold and the lower
wastegate chamber is bad. Replace it with good heavy walled tubing. (3)Take
off the throttle switch, pop off the plastic cover, and resolder all 4
internal connections. Then replace the cover, seal it, and put it back on
the car. Your engine will idle better and accelerate much better. They are
ALL in need of this repair. (4)Find out when the timing belt and water pump
were replaced and get it done if the ones on the car are past 90k miles.
(5)Look over the front and rear suspension and identify damaged and
worn-out rubber bushings and replace them. At the same time, check the rear
transverse control arms for play. Probably needs new ones to hold
alignment.  Check front ball joints for same problem. (6) Get under the car
and check the exhaust bracket that hangs the rear of the catalytic
converter from the transmission housing. Mostly, they are broken and need
replacing. Failure of this bracket puts excess strain on the exhaust
manifold studs and then they break.
> Is there a way to get codes from the computer without
>>using the dealer diagnostic tool? 

.....see Scott Mockry website.
>>Next problem.  There is a switch below the radio that controls something
>>with the quattro system.   Sorry to sound really dumb, but I have never
>>owned or even sat in a quattro before.  What does this thing control? 
>................that is your diff lock. Leave it alone for now. For all
practical purposes, it doesn't need to work. Maybe your car would run
better if you traced the vacuum lines to the diffs, and found some leaks
and fixed them.
>>it appears to be broken in mine, as it doesn't do anything.  I assume it
>>controls the differentials?  
>>Anyone know where I can find a good deal on a Bentley for this things?
>>86 5kTQ
>>82 VW Vanagon
>>80 VW GTI
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