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Re: how to flare fenders

>  Try a baseball bat, and a floor jack.  Really!
>  While the car is in the air, with the tire touching the
>  ground, roll the baseball bat between the wheelwell lip
>  and tire.  Lower the car and do it again, until your
>  courage gives out. As you can guess, a bit of
>  touch-and-go here  ;-0

I recommend finding a flat piece of ground and a helper or two so you can 
push the car back-and-forth ... this way, you can use the tires to help you 
"roll" the bat around the fender lip.  It also helps to heat the paint up 
first with a heat gun and remember to move the metal slowly ... if you're 
very, very careful, you should be able to flare the fenders *without* 
breaking the paint on either side of the fender.