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Open House at Northern European Automotive...

A very public thanks to Tim McLean and Eric of 
Northern European Automotive of Concord, NH for
holding their first open house today...

list attendees included Chris Miller (200 20v), Kirby
(S6), Brett (200 20v), Glen P (200 20vTQW), another
gent with Dave Pellet's old gold 200 (sorry, forgot your 

I was the lone non-20v turbo attendee, since I left the
200 20v TQW and brought the CQ. My list of accomplishements
included a new cam seal, cam cover, aux radiator, and 
multifunction temp sensor, finishing off with an oil change.

Tim help me remove & replace the cam seal and made it look
easy, even without the special Audi cam seal remover or 

I helped Glenn Powell attempt to add a tow hitch to his
200 TQW, which ended up being foiled buy the muffler.
Poor Glen had done a beautiful job of painting it, and
spent considerable time underneath, cutting off the tow loop.

I helped Chris repack the inner and outer driver's side
CV joints on his 200, again with considerable guidance from 
Tim.  Chris and I agreed, that aside from the learning 
experience, it was a dirty job, and should be left to the
paid help.  (Sorry John L, and other list wrenches ;^)

While I was "playing" with my CQ, they replaced the bomb
in the gold 200, did some troubleshooting on Kirby's S6
with an AST version of a VAG 1551 tool.  Brett also
played with the analyzer, I'll let him post his own findings.

The weather (rain) dampened any attempts on working outside
so we had to shuffle cars in and out of the two lifts
in the single bay.

We ended the day with a few beers and some good 
conversation, the way that most Q outings finish. 

It was a great day for folks to wrench on their own cars,
with assistance from Tim and Eric- 

Thanks for their time, food, beverages and hospitality.

-Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 TQW
Chelmsford, MA USA

peter-s@ma.ultranet.com<<<<<<<<<NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS>>>>>>>>