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K&N Air Filter UR-Q

> Does the '85 UR-Q use the same filter size as a '85 4K-Q?

No, the ur-quattro uses a part from a VW van.

When I first got my ur-quattro, the part was much cheaper if ordered
for the van.  Now it's the other way round - go figure.

I _seriously_ recommend caution about K&N filters.  I suggest you clean
out the downstream area and fit a new paper filter.  Run for 1000 miles,
change to K&N with another wipe-out of the downstream (save the rags)
and then run another 1000 miles.

Compare the dirt (I use paper towels for this demonstration) that gets
through the K&N with the dirt that gets through a paper filter.  Then
check out the price of an exchange turbo and cylinder head.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone +44 7785 302803  Fax +44 870 0883933