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Unicycles?! (OT Rant)

> front-drive car to a unicycle is truly insulting to the intelligence. For
> the 97% percent of the population who know nothing about vehicle dynamics, a
> FWD car is a h*ll of a lot safer than a RWD. Especially in the rain. I love
> some of the cars BMW builds (see my post on the M5), but they continually
> amaze me with their absurdly elevated image of themselves and their evident
> opinion that the car buying world are mostly idiots.

One of my favourite media personalities is Jeremy Clarkson.  You like
him or hate him.

Last year, they devoted a quarter hour slot to 'performance estates'

Candidates were a Mercedes 320, an A6, and a BMW 528 Touring.

After the usual comments, Clarkson said something like:

"For build quality and high resale value, take the Merc.  For performance,
 fun and safety, buy the Audi.  I can find no reason to buy the BMW -
 but I know that 60% of you will ignore my advice and do so.  So let's
 ask the BMW-buying public why they do this."

Cut to a head and shoulders of Clarkson with microphone.  He spoke into
the microphone: "Now then, can you tell me why you like BMWs?"

He bent down.  The camera zoomed back to reveal a field full of sheep.

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