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Re: K24 and boost - more on WGFV

In a message dated 12/4/99 3:53:54 AM Central Standard Time, 
isham-research.freeserve.co.uk@pop.freeserve.net writes:

> >>  Anyway, when it's applying 'vacuum' - the force tends to lift the
>  >>  wastegate.  ...
>  > Not really true either.  I suppose you could argue there is a "tendency" 
> to
>  > lift the WG.
>>>  That's _exactly_ what I did argue, and almost the words I used.  In fact
>>>  your whole 'rebuttal' merely restates what my original post said but
>>>  in different words.

Not the way I read it Phil, sorry.  When the WGFV is OFF during WOT there is 
vacuum at the WG.  Vacuum will lower the effective baseline spring pressure, 
my original post - WGFV off = nothing happens.  Reading yours, I see you 
presenting that the vacuum actually 'lifts' the WG, not correct.  The vacuum 
"vent"/"off" position of the WGFV doesn't cause the WG to lift, what I would 
read into your post.  A WGFV, in fact, all FV used by audis, have a feed, a 
measured output and a vent output.  Translated, that's 1 input 2 outputs.  
Reading your post, one sees 2 inputs, 1 output, technically not correct, 
since the off position (vacuum) of the valve doesn't do anything in terms of 
WG activity (my original post regarding WGFV operation).  Just trying to 
clarify any misunderstandings.  

No flames intended.  Audis use of FV doesn't include any measure of 'vented' 
output, only the feed is measured, the output is measured (% * feed value), 
the excess is vented, not measured.


Scott Justusson