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Fw: warm air intake hose

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From: Allan Jones <ampj@mediaone.net>
To: Tom Chudzinski <EPIFORM@email.msn.com>
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Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: warm air intake hose

Just wanted to share this with the list...I take this list maybe too lightly for some.  I apologize in advance for reprinting this, and for not taking the question seriously.
You know nothing of which you speak.  I don't agree.  When you can get someone at K&N to document the filtration characteristics (beyond a paper element) and the performance increases they claim, I'll buy it.  Hint:  They won't.  (They can't)  They're not true. The filtration properties of oil impregnated foam are shit. Check your air meter sometime.  What's all that grit on it?  Well, its the crap the K&N filter missed that DIDN'T go through your engine. (there's some on the inside of the intake manifold and throttle body too) There are at least twenty experienced engineers at Audi who constantly work on improving engine air intake systems.  Where did you get your engineering degree?  I thought so.  You don't have one.  Stick to what you know!
Wow...Sorry.  It was sort of tongue in cheek, because that's what so many of us have done all for nothing more than a cool sound. I actually have thrown out my K&N because it had started to fall apart-Don't even want a new one- I am currently running Bosch-is that ok?  As for my degree, I don't have one, but I did attend WPI for 2.5 years before alcoholism killed my chances of succeeding, so you're right, I'm an idiot...but all is good. Love ya!