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Re: 2001 M3

>> Common misperception.  They work real well in the wet when driven by somone
>> who knows what they are doing.  They are much better balanced than the q's
>> which has some real advantages.

> Yes, they do work real well in the wet when driven by someone who knows what
> they are doing. But a Q in the rain in the hands of someone with a clue will
> easily and repeatedly walk away from them.

Joachim Winkelhoch, BMW's BTCC lead driver in the 1997 season, said on
the record that if the 90kg penalty had not been applied to the A4Q
Frank Biela "would have been able to win while towing a trailer."

At another point he was asked how much advantage quattro gave in a
BTCC 20-lap race.  His answer was: "About one lap."

Bear in mind that Biela was still almost competitive at the end of the
season despite carrying a penalty equivalent to the total weights of
his wife and children.

Here in the land of water falling from the sky and twisty roads M3s are
a joke.

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 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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