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Re: Monkey Lad business practices? (Re: Turbo/wastegate questions - K24, WG Spring etc.)

>     If the mod comes with a new diaphragm and pressure transducer, that's
> more that I didn't know. I couldn't gather that from the description. If
> people are supposed to appreciate the labor and components involved in the
> mod, they should be listed. Many people (like me, obviously...) think they
> can do everything themselves, and if the components and rigors of the
> process aren't outlined, along with the price, we feel that there's
> something fishy going on.

Well, I've just sent some $$$ to Scott and I'm waiting for the hardware
to arrive.

Prices are very hard to compare in part because each deal is to some
extent custom.  For various reasons, I need to be able to reverse the
change very quickly, so Scott is not modifying an ECU for me - he's
supplying a tested boneyard-sourced ECU complete with chip and spring.
Even then, I don't really know what it's cost me - so much trivial
hardware has flown the Atlantic recently.  A neat little set of spade
fuse sized circuit breakers went over, and a few wastegate diaphragms.
I've no idea what all this actually cost, plus the time and fuel to
fetch and carry, packing, mail, etc.

At the end of the day all pricing is functional.  If it's worth what's
asked, pay it.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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