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Re: BTCC 320 vs. A4

In a message dated 99-12-05 09:22:09 EST, you write:

<< Here in the land of water falling from the sky and twisty roads M3s are
 a joke.

Too bad that he wasn't driving an M3.  While the 320i's were quite capable 
cars, I wouldn't put them in the same category as the Prototype Tech. Group 
M3 4 doors - which had a bunch of fun outrunning 911GT3's on a regular basis. 
 Winckelhock is also on record stating that the M3 is probably the most 
capable sedan ever produced - at a press confrence at the Ring (release of 
the US spec model), where it was raining.
The Audis did have a clear advantage over not only the 320's, but also the 
lagunas, 406's, and accords.  However, the 2wd contests left the lagunas on 
top, and I believe that the top Laguna driver (his name escapes me right now 
- not Plato) broke several of Bielas lap records the next season.
There's always something and someone faster.
Carter J