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STILL NEED HELP - Ignition pin out for 89 200TQ

Please, any one who can tell me which wire out of ignition is supplied 12V+
when key is IN ignition (i.e. to door chime relay) I REALLY appreciate

I have asked a few times, looked in every manual I can find, etc, etc and
can't find anything.  I just want to do it now so I don't have to tear it
all apart to do it later.  And, I'd like to start putting my car back
together again today!  Anyone know???????????????????????????  I know it is
one of the small wires, but there are three.  Which one (color)?

I can't find it anywhere!  Or, any place in the manual you could point me
would be great.  BTW, I don't have the 200 manual, only 5K/TQ.