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Re: Audi radio

Is this why my 200/Bose driver's door speaker is intermittent?

Also, the other front door's speaker is crackling under fair-sorta high
bass. I plan to replace with a new of the same. Good to go new (Blau?) or is
it worth the trouble to replace with a used one? If used is cool, anybody
got one they'd part with?


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Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 4:38 PM
Subject: Audi radio

> Not sure if it's the same, but on my 93  100 Wagon, I believe  each
> speaker has an amp  (at least the in the right door doess) and I
> can get the speaker in the left door to work by banging on the door.
> Turns out, one of the design flaws is that the amp is apparently too
> close to the speaker magnet, and doesn't function well.   Someone
> suggested adding a spacer, i.e. a piece of cardboard between the
> speaker and the amp.
> When I went to do this, I discovered that I didn't have the torx
> wrench needed to get the thing apart, so I buttoned it up and put it
> back.  SInce I don't sit in the back seat, it hasn't been a problem
> (although, I hope to get around and fix it some day).
> Good Luck,
> Charlie Krafft