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Re: Any Experience w/ Aftermarket Radios ??

Those "thingys" do exist. I bought one for "another make" car that also had a
Bose system with factory amps in the trunk. The adapter cost me about $50. It
plugged right into the factory harness and was then wired to the aftermarket
head unit. Kept all speakers working as well as they did with the original head
unit. Sound was incredible, and no hum from the big rear amps as you might
expect with a cut n' tape job. An added benefit was that when I went to sell the
car, I just unplugged everything and put the factory harness back to the
original head unit. No evidence anything else was ever there.
Great product, worth the cost.
Shaun Folkerts
89 200QW without the Bose system

Ryan Gemmill wrote:

> Greg:
> Make sure you review all the complications of an aftermarket head unit on a
> Bose system. Your Bose speakers are individually amplified at the speaker in
> most cases. Also, some of the Bose head units pull some heavy equalization.
> If I were to say, (and I'm not a pro by any means) that you should get the
> FM modulated CD changer, then address your reception issues. That way you
> keep that nifty dash display and don't muck up your sound quality. As an
> alternative, I've heard about thingies (the name escapes me) that change the
> signal from a non-bose head unit to a bose signal to make the amps happy. I
> don't know about how they effect equalization. I can't assure you they even
> exist: just something to look into.
> In whatever you do, make sure you investigate every after-effect.
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> Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 5:26 PM
> Subject: Any Experience w/ Aftermarket Radios ??
> > I'm trying to decide between installing a new aftermarket CD player head
> > unit vs installing a FM modulated CD changer in my '93 100CS (w/ the BOSE
> > system) and wondered if anyone has put in, (or had one installed) an
> > aftermarket head unit ??  I'm pretty sure I'd loose the display in the
> > center dash, and probably the antitheft feature (??) as well, but the
> > factory unit seems to have poor sensitivity to picking up FM stations, or
> > maybe it's due to the internal antenna locations.  If you've gone down one
> > of these 2 roads already, I love to hear your recommendations, before I go
> > down the wrong one.
> > Greg Colegrove, Denver
> > '93 Pearl White 100 CS
> > '93 Pearl White VFR
> >