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Re: Front Bumper Grille Mods : Site and Notes

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From: "Michael Theuri" <mikesoft@europa1.conwaycorp.net>
Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 12:33:48 -0600

>I managed to get a preliminary picture of the mod on my front
>bumper. Its not all that clear but you might be able to make out
>the grille. In my opinion, and looking at the results I would go
>for the slightly more priced grille as it is more solid looking. As
>for the current grille, it would look super nice if you used two
>pieces of the same grille one over the other, which is something 
>I did not do as I wasted most of the grille while cutting it to size. 
>The best solid grille I came across was for an M3 after market kit 
>but it was priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $60-$70. If 
>anyone I can is interested I can provide the number to call to order 
>(no affiliation). I think it comes full length and can be cut down to size
>but be sure to check the dimensions. I will add a pic of the bimmer to 
>the one of the 80. Hope that helps. If I manage to get better pics
>of the 80Q I will be sure to post them. The site URL is 
>Mike Theuri
>88 80Q 166K 

Hey Mike,
It is kinda difficult to see your grill, and it's sounds like you might be a little disapointed : (  The BMW grill is pretty nice, but I'm wondering about the lower grill on the new TTQ's . I got a good look at one the other day. If the dimensions are similar...
It would probably too expensive unless they start showing up in the salvage yards soon.

Michael Lemon
Kansas City, MO
'88 90q