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Re: quattro-digest V1 #698

Yes, from what you said, I would most definitely tell you to put that bolt back in and tourque it

I removed the non-functional AC from my '82 Coupe, and the next day I had oil everywhere under my
engine. I also noticed that I was using *way* too much oil. After revving the engine and seeing oil
seep out of the seal where to bolt hole was, I realized I needed to replace the bolt. After I did
that, all was well, and I don't leak any oil now.

Now, too bad the oil burning can't be fixed the same way too....

geordie clarke
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> Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 14:07:53 EST
> From: Kwattro@aol.com
> Subject: Oil loss, front of NA 5 cyl...removal of AC?
> Hey guys - in changing oil today, I noticed that the front of the motor had a
> considerable amount of oil on it.  It appears to be coming from around the
> oil temp. sensor, but without the car on the lift it's tough to tell.  Would
> this be due to the recent removal of the AC components? - there is a whole
> where apparently a bolt went into the bottom end which is now gone - would
> that bolt also be responsible for holding the bottom end together?
> Later!
> Carter J
> Kwattro@aol.com