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Re: fische cdrom? good engine ancillaries FS

Ed Shiers wrote:
> On a recent trip to France a hose burst (actually in england,at the passport
> barrier after racing to catch the ferry). Anyway, limped across and got a
> new one from Calais and noticed that the dealer there had all the fiches on
> a PC. Just wondering if this is available on CDrom and if anyone has a copy
> I could buy?? ...

CD-ROM is "kicking around" the list. A wealth of parts info. 

BTW, anyone having a problem printing diagram reference #s?  
I get a double image of diagram ref#s.  System is a i233 MMX, 256MB RAM,
Windoze95 OSR2.5, HP LJ4 8MB, non-IEEE 1284 cable on ECP port LPT1.
-- mjm