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Re: Is it toast?

Hi Chris;

    It sounds like the engine is spinning the transmission and driving the
speedo gear. Check your CV joints.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km

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Subject: Is it toast?

> I was driving my '90 100 auto briskly through some nice local twisties
> yesterday, and now I think my car is dead.
> I rounded a bumpy corner and as I hit the straightaway (at about 45) the
> jumped to the redline and the car started to slow down...and make the most
> god-awful "whooooze kurk kurk kurk kurk kurk" noise from the front
> side.  I immediately killed the engine and pulled to the side.  I put the
> in park and started the engine, hoping everything would be okay.  Engine
> cranked up as normal.  Put car in gear and the car hit the redline, the
> speedo hit 60 mph and the car sat there sounding like a Cuisinart full of
> marbles.
> My first guess was a dead tranny, but the car was obviously engaging in
>  Next guess is a dead CV joint...but this is totally unlike any CV
> I've ever had with any car.
> Any guesses?
> From the side of the road,
> Chris