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Re: Grinding Noise w/Turn of Key....Nothing

Hi Steve;

    A grinding noise usually means the starter gear is not fully engaging
the flywheel gear. This will cost you big $$$ if you damage the flywheel
    Poor engagement is usually caused by a damaged Bendix drive on the
starter or a weak or sticking solenoid. It can also be caused by worn or
missing teeth on the flywheel.
    The grinding noise could also be the Bendix drive saying goodbye - this
is the cheaper alternative.
    I'd pull the starter and check the gear for signs of wear. Also check
the flywheel gear for wear. If the starter gear is worn, replace the Bendix
and solenoid - flywheels are a real PITA to remove and are mucho expensive
for the V8.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km

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Subject: Grinding Noise w/Turn of Key....Nothing

> Why does my V8Q occasionally not start right up while making a GRINDING
> noise...upon the second attempt or sometimes the third try, it starts
> up. Is this the battery taking a dump?
> Thanks,
> Steve Kohn
> 1990 V8Q
> Rockville, MD