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typ44: was there diff seat heater option packages?

In the process of swapping a sport interior from a '86 5kTQ, into a '86 5kT. 
(no, not the interior from my pearl TQ that i'm selling)  Both the cars have 
heated seats - but the TQ (which came from the factory all optioned out with 
the sport int, and fuchs),  had the rear seat heated, and the rear seatback 
heated, as well as the fronts.
on my '86 5kT, the front seats were heated, but the rear seatbottom and 
seatback wasnt heated.  or at least that's what it looks like.  tho there is 
a single seat heater wire going back there, not 3 like there was on the TQ.   
was it possible to just get the front seats heated, and not the back seat? - 
or when you ordered the "cold weather package" did all the seats come w/ 
anyone know?
what would that single seat heater wire running back there be, then?