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RE: Is it toast?

Did you have any previous indications that the right side CV was going?
Was it clicking when you turned?
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>Took the driver's side tire off to inspect the CV on that side (it was making
>the noise from this side)....it's firmly attached to the engine end, but was 
>a limp wrist on the wheel end...it hasn't broken out of the boot yet, but it 
>is definately not connected to the wheel any longer.  There was also a 
>quarter sized puddle of grease on the upper portion of the boot.
>I hope it's just the CV.  I've kept a close eye on the diff and the 
>transmission fluids.
>BTW---the damn jack kept collapsing as I would give the lugs the final twist 
>to take the wheel off...I've never had that happen before (twice!)
>Fortunately, no damage was done from this...