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RE: Questions about A4 1.8T turbo...

1. K02 in the '97 and early '98s (not sure exactly when the changeover was),
K03 in the later '98s and on up

2. Yes

3. Just a bit less than 0.8 bar, as the Neuspeed and Autothority 0.8 bar
chips produce 187hp. 1.0 bar chips produce about 197hp.

4. 1.0 bar is about the design limit of the K03 and the bottleneck is flow
rate; you'll need a bigger turbo for more useful boost and more power. K04s
appear to be somewhat problematic under high stress; one a4.org member has
a nice Garrett GT25 setup pushing over 300bhp.

5. Are you talking about the car or the turbo? The car, it depends on year
and mileage. Turbo is upwards of $1000 from Audi, don't know if you can
get them direct from 3k-Borg-Warner or whatever they're called now.


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I have a few questions...

1) Exactly which model turbo is used?

2) Does it have an integral wastegate?

3) To make 180hp, how much additional boost does it need to generate?

4) What's the consensus as to its upper limit; i.e., how much power/boost
it generate before overspeeding?

5) What's the going rate for a used one with low mileage ... or more
specifically, a *pair* of used ones?  ;^)