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Home made intercooler

An idea hit me this morning about my ic. The Audi units (double pass)
aren't very efficient and structurally weak.

1. Has anyone found another vehicle with an intercooler that can
physically fit the type44 turbo? This is plumbing aside. Price?

2. In normal boost and additional boosted vehicles, what tends to be the
highest pressure spike at the throttle plate? This is without a bypass
valve, of course.

3. CFM flow and air velocity at boost? This is probably a question that
may go unanswered, but it's not totally necessary, anyhow.

The idea is to replace my L&R matrix-type intercooler with a homemade
copper tubular type. I do have decent physics and chemistry knowledge to
be able to account for tubing sizes and the number for surface area
purposes and to reduce the stagnant air that may appear in the "core".
Copper will be use due to its high level of thermal transfer,
availability, price, and ease of assembly. 

I still have to design the thing, but I have a fairly specific idea of
what materials, size, configurations. It'll be tubular; won't be a
rectangle matrix. All parts, including fins will be sourced from the
plumbing industry. Basically, it'll be the inlet pipe being divided into
smaller copper tubes that converge back into the outlet pipe. I guess the
closest thing in appearance would be a home hotwater radiator with larger
diameter inlet and outlet pipes.

I'm still divided on the configuration; single pass or double pass. Double
seems to be the way thus far due to the ease of plumbing and space
restrictions. A third outlet for the overrun valve (boost bypass) will be
included. An oil trap and drain may be included, based on what I find at
the bottom of an old ic. Sludge, no go, liquid oil-large amt, maybe.
Additionally, I'll add some pneumatic ports for testing and various
cockpit valves that I have planned.

The interior will see som "aerodynamic treatment" to aid flow.

Testing: for winter, the cooler air has a higher colorie capacity and most
anything will work. The real test would be in warmer seasons. At the
least, I feel airflow would be improved quite a bit through this design.
Reliability would see a boost due to stronger construction.

I'll see about starting this project next week. Right now, I'm gonna put
the design on paper.

*Steve                                             Sachelle Babbar
*'87  5000CS Turbo 5spd 1.3-2.0 bar             <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
*Cockpit adjustable wastegate, AudiSport badge
*Disclaimer:"Any information contained herein is based purely on my own
*personal experience and may not necessarily reflect yours. Use caution as
*your results may vary from mine."