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Re: Audi in F1???

In a message dated 12/3/99 5:05:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
isham-research.freeserve.co.uk@pop.freeserve.net writes:

<< > The only reason F1 cars even have pit stops are for tires.
 No.  The only reason F1 cars have pit stops is that the rules require
 For many years (e.g., all of Nigel Mansell's time) they didn't stop and
 refueling in the pits was explicitly banned. >>

Not the way I recall it. Yes, during the era of no refueling some cars did 
indeed run the entire distance on one set of tires. However I don't recall 
there ever being a rule saying one must stop. What happened was once 
refueling was allowed again, tire makers made tires with softer compounds 
which combined with lower car weight (less fuel) made up for the time lost in 
fuel/tire stops. I just reread the FIA 1999 "Sporting Regulations" (at 
http://www.fia.com/regle/reg_spt/F1spt-a.htm) and in no place does it state 
that pit stops are mandatory. That said, I doubt that the cars built today 
have enough fuel tank capacity to run a full race distance. Also it is 
possible that rules that dictate tank size effectively require pit stops...I 
didn't dig that far deep into the rulebooks. HTH

Mike Veglia