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Headrest needed and interior questions

Hi listers,
I need a rear headrest for an '86 5kcstq, preferably in black, but any
color will do, as I can always get it dyed. I need one that is in basically
perfect to excellent condition, no rips, tears or loose stitching. If anyone
has one or knows where one can be found, please let me know.

Also, what do you all do when you have stitching going on your leather
I talked to an auto upholstery shop and they said don't bother, it will cost
as much as getting a Recaro. Doh! Now if I break the seat down by myself, is
there a way I can get a new seat cover made for me at a more reasonable
say closer to $200 rather than $1000? I like the factory sport seats and it
would drive me nuts to put a Recaro or similar seat and leave the rest
as it would look weird (to me) and I would rather not spend that kind of
on an old car.

Any help regarding search engine syntax on the audifans archive would be
greatly appreciated- I'm looking for the following:
Seat upholstery repair/replacement
Seat heater repair
Intermittent dash light repair

The dash lights went out on me today- once. I shut the car off, restarted
turned the lights back on and the dash lights came on. Why would it do this
and why would the light suddenly just go out?

Taka Mizutani
86 5kcstq