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Noisy bearing?

I have a woo, woo, woo, woo sound coming from the left rear of my 87
4KCSq that I'm pretty sure is a wheel bearing. I seem to remember
someone on the list describing a part that can be used to remove the
rear bearings while leaving the housings on the car, but no one
described the procedure. So could we please revisit this thread? If the
tool is readily available, would it pay for itself in labor savings to
pay for itself?

Also, I'm 90% sure it's the wheel bearing. But it's that 10% of doubt
that it might be a noisy rear diff. that bothers me. Makes the noise at
all speeds, is fairly loud, increases number of "woos" until it becomes
a steady pitch at highway speed. CV joint boots are intact and appear to
be in good condition.

Also, where can you buy the little nylon(?) gears that drive the
odometer in these beasts?

87 4KCS-woo-q