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My first quattro, Bently manual

Ok - I finally did it. I bought a 1991 V8 Quattro 5 speed a few weeks
ago and I have a few question for more experienced owners.
(it has 89K on the clock and appears to have been dealer maintained to
the owner manual spec)

1. The engine surges under load. If the O2 sensor is unplugged, it runs
fine. Bad sensor?
2. I tried to order a Bently manual for this car but they are
unavailable. Is there another source?
3. How do you read computer codes? (and is there a list of codes?)
4. I hope this is normal - I feel a slight shudder , not a pop or klunk
as in bad CV joint, on tight corners. I assume this is the quattro in
action? (does the manual tranny make a difference?)
5. Has anybody dared attempt replacing a light bulb in the instrument
panel? My previous car was a '91 100 and it was pretty easy to work on
but I have not found an easy way to get to the instrument panel in this
fella yet.

Also, since I no longer own the 100, the Bently manuals are for sale or
trade for V8 manuals. It is a 3 manual set that covers 89-91 100, 200,
200 20v models. New price is $170 and worth every penny if you do your
own maintenance.

Thanks for any help...