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Re: CC HEAD "off" red light on

No, the LED above the "Off" button stays on..


At 2:28 PM -0600 12/6/99, Matthew Caprio wrote:
>Experienced a minor (but strange) behavior this morning on my 88 5ksq
>ClimateControl head:
>The little red light above the "off" button is now lit, even with the
>system completely off.  [I believe the normal operation is that the red
>light stays lit above the selected setting (ie AUTO, ECON, etc), but, the
>one above the OFF button only lights momentarily while you press the OFF
>Can someone please verify that I am not going crazy, and that this light is
>supposed to be off?..  Also, does anyone know if this behavior I am having
>is indicative of some sort of failure?..
>Matt Caprio
>Austin, TX

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