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V8 tinkering and MBZ for sale

Did some tinkering on the V8 over the weekend.  

I know this has been covered on the list before, but
I replaced the o-ring on the oil dipstick.  I didn't have the
"correct" part but was able to get a snug seal with two random
o-rings from a hodge-podge collection I have.  This has made a 
subtle, but remarkable difference.  The idle is much more steady
and at a higher and what seems to be more appropriate rpm.
Also, the engine runs much smoother through the midrange, where
before I still had a slight surge even after changing the OXS.  Its 
not perfect, but it may just be that the ECU is still adapting since I've
only driven it twice since the new o-ring went in.  Throttle response it
subtley but noticeably smoother and cripser.   Time for another
bottle of Techron, of which I've found that the local Target
actually has a good selection.

I've had a noticeable gas odor in the car off and on.  I decided to
dig around and find the gas leak.  It's in the rear and I started from
the bottom, but nothing.  Then I crawled in the trunk and found that
the access panel was not even screwed down.  There does seem to be
a fairly significant source of gas odor somewhere to the driver's 
side of the car between the top of the tank and the car.  There's no
access to anything that can't be seen, so I just found a couple of
suitable screws and made sure the access panel is secure.  No more
smell in the car at least.  I'm wondering if there are components that
might be creating too much pressure in the tank and causing excessive
fumes to be pushed out of the tank.  I've never found any evidence of 
actual fuel leaking anywhere.  I am planning to replace the fuel pressure
regulator soon on general principal.

And  this:
>Posting for a friend who is trying to sell.
> 1974 Mercedes 280
> Maple Yellow with Bamboo (tan) MBTex (vinyl) interior
> This is the smaller-bodied sedan of the time.
> There are no letters in the model designation.
> He's returning to England in a couple weeks and has been trying
> unsuccessfully to sell.   Car is located in Louisville, KY now, but
> will be in my care (in CO) from 12/18 until it is sold.  I'm posting
> here just in case someone who is currently local to it might be
> or know of an interested party.
> He just bought it this year with only 112k miles.  It is in very good
> He has put some money into it fixing things and tending to age-related
> If you're interested or know of someone who might be, please let me
Ed Kellock
Woodland Park, CO
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