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89 200 Speaker removal.... the answer

Well, got no good responses on this one.  But, I sorta figured it out.  If
you want to know how to remove the front dash speakers in a 200TQ, listen

Here's how it's done....

Stick a short, fat flathead screwdriver under one of the edges of the
speaker grille (between speaker grille and dash) and push up gently.  When
you get a corner or two poped up, pull it out.  Don't be afriad to give a
good yank as there is some gasket sealant or something in there holding it
in place as well as the tabs.

When that is out, you should be able to see 4 screws holding the plastic
vent cover in place.  You can unscrew the two closest to you with a normal
short phillips head screwdriver.  The back two require a ratchet and
phillips attachment or a right angle screwdriver.  Once they are out, yank
out the vent cover piece.  Be carefull as it is plastic and can break.

Once that is out you will see the speaker.  There is one nut visible at the
top, holding the speaker in place.  remove this nut.  Do not try to remove
the speaker at this point!  This is the mistake I made and I wound up
breaking one of them (not the strongest speakers in the world!).

Here's how I got them out..... I grabbed a dremel with a circular sanding
attachment and grinded down the dash right by that first nut!  Don't worry
about it because it is that thin piece of the dash that goes between the
speaker part and the vent part, and will be covered up when the vent cover
and speaker grille are in place.  I grinded it till it was concave and not
obstructing the speaker in any way.  From there You should be able to wiggle
the speaker out with ease!  It sits pretty tight in that enclosure.

Pull it up and speaker wires are visible.  Oh, do be careful when using the
dremel as you are very close the the speaker foam when doing this and it
won't take but a bump of the sanding wheel to shred the speaker foam!

As I stated I broke one of my blasted speakers when taking out the first
one, so I had to run to best buy and get a new pair.  The OE Audi speakers
up front are true 3.5" speakers.  Best I could find was a 3"!  And, yes,
they all say 3.5" but they are definately smaller!  But, they fit and I put
them in there.  Hopefully that will only be temporary though as I'd really
like to get some component seperates and mount them in the doors.

I hope this helps someone as it definately would have helped me.  Oh and the
dremel gets MVP of the year!  Man that thing is a lifesaver.