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RE: Crank Seal

Wouldn't an inspection and clean of the crankcase ventilation system help / cure the problem. I think Alexanders car is a four cylinder, but I know on the I5 engines there is a dome on the right hand side of the block towards the flywheel that can be prised off and cleaned out along with a small hole that gets blocked that goes into the crankcase. Attached to this dome is usually a metal pipe that runs up to the breather hoses on top of the valve cover.

Phil, does the UK Q club have any meetings in Kent or Sussex??? Just wondering if it's worth me joining this, or Club Audi which as I found out meets pretty much on my doorstep.


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> I would like to know how the seal whistles if it doesn't leak oil, one
> would assume that if air can pass then so can oil. Does it leak
> oil?????

Positive crankcase pressure (blowby) < negative breather pressure.

More common on turbo engines than n/a ones, but not unknown.  In part a
symptom of good piston rings.

And no - the fact that air can pass doesn't mean that oil could pass.
The internal rim of the seal is a micro-pump.  Cut one in half sometime
and look at it under a microscope - the profile is quite complex.  This
is why the seal should be oiled (but NEVER greased) during assembly.

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