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Re: Home made intercooler

>> I would really be surprised is someone had not thought of this before
>> and
>> determined it not effective, especially when you are using torque from the
>> motor to try to sqeeze out an equal amount of torque.  I agree that water
>> injected cooling is the best way to increase you IC's cooling effeciency.

> I too had theorized about this, but I had thought about the AC running
> through the core of the IC, like an air2water type. Any thoughts on this?

I note that the washer reservoir on my own Type 44 is the same part
number as the one used on cars with headlight washers - my car has

It would appear that a simple modification would be to add a headlight
washer pump (191 955 681 - doubtless bone-yard sourced) to this
reservoir and run some tubing round to the front of the intercooler.
The question is - what kind of jet to use?  How about these 'misting'
jets they use in hothouses to simulate rain forest conditions?  I've
heard at least once that the jets should face _away_ from the
intercooler to produce better misting in the airflow.

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