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RE: need a light

At 23:52 99-12-06 -0600, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:

>Let me get this straight....
>Some government bureaucrat where you live has mandated that they have to
>inspect the pattern emitted by your headlights!?!? 

No offense intended, by I can't see why it shocks you so much. In most
European countries cars have to pass an annual inspection to verify that
they are safe to drive and conform to the local regulations. Headlight beam
pattern, light output and adjustment an important factor from a safety
point of view and therefore are a part of these regulations and are checked
during the annual inspection. This is to ensure that no one drives with
mega-wattage bulbs burning your retinas, lights pointed at tops of the
trees or DOT headlighs which performance is pathetic compared to properly
aimed Euro lights. Actually, despite these regulations, it is much easier
to import an US-spec car to Europe than the other way around (see the
recent Mike Arman's post). All you have to do is to convert the headlights
to Euros, rewire the turn signals so they no longer work as parking lights,
change the rear turn signals to orange (if they were red) and add the rear
fog light. The car gets inspected (15 minutes tops) and off you go, you can
register your car. 
Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 5KT