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Re: Rear defroster question.

Didn't hear anything before leaving work, called the dealer, they
couldn't find a seperate relay in the "family album" either, but they did
have new switches in stock for $56 US, OUCH! OK, time to go home and tear
into the switch again. Decided to resolder some/all of the contacts.
While I was at it, I had the digital voltmeter out and did some more
tests. I also wrote down which were the two "fattest" wires going into
the switch, as the problem appeared to be power to the grid. I was
playing around checking one of the terminals for continuity to the relay
and happened to press down on the solder joint, HEY!, there's the tone I
was looking for. Turns out it was a broken solder joint on one of the
relay terminals. Resoldered it and all is well. Just proves the point,
when working on switches/relays, when in doubt, resolder all the

Andrew Duane USG wrote:

> I think your car is probably like my '95 A6; the defrost
> is on a timer, you push the button once to turn it on, then
> either push it again to turn it off, or let the timer do it?
> If so, I bet there is a timer/relay module in one of the
> relay panels in the car. I can check the Bentley for my A6,
> that sould say if there is one. Where it is, I wouldn't know.

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