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RE: Home made intercooler

I remember seeing water injectors retrofitted to air filter covers in the 
early 80's.  Jets used to use them with great improvements in thrust, you 
could really feel them run out of distilled water after takeoff, and you 
could hear the change from the ground.  Several crews were killed when one 
outboard engine ran out well before the opposite outboard engine, or the 
injection failed altogether and they couldn't get altitude.  I think some 
fighters used water/alchohol mix.  The idea is to get more O2 into the mix 
by increasing air density, same as turbocharging.

I think there is finned, aluminum or copper tape that can be stuck to 
surfaces to increase heat transfer.  I'd be inclined to construct out of 
aluminum, there are great bonding agents available these days.

What happened to the guy who was using a headlight washer pump to cool his 
intercooler?  I remember commenting on his thread last year.  He seemed 
pretty happy with his results.  Several of us listers cleaned our filthy ICs 
and believed it helped.  Of course it helped most while it was still wet!  I 
was amazed at how much gunk was in there.

'90 200tqw
Holland, MI

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