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RE: Home made intercooler

And from the king of novel ideas...

Anyone on the list have an ultrasonic humidifier?

The idea is to rig a baffled water pan beneath the IC with an automatic feed
system from the Usound humidifier. Then place one or several ultrasound units in
the baffled pan and power them through the alternator. It takes very little
power to run the ultrasound transducers, and the result is a very fine mist that
can be controlled (via cockpit) by the humidity sensor from the humidifier.
Forced air not necessary because convection should do the work of mass transfer
(although a cheap fan draws very little current also). Talk about

The only stumbling block I can see is to match the power requirements of the
humidifier to the output of the car's power system. Otherwise, should be very
efficient. Those of you who understand transport phenomena can appreciate the
elegance of a fine mist and how easy it is to evaporate.

...Patent Applied For....

- Dave