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Re: Grrr. Audi gods shining and frowning?!?! (long)

Head gasket?...The right one?....Right side up?

Just a thought.


--- Todd Phenneger <phen9461@uidaho.edu> wrote:
> Dang it,
> 	Any help or ideas much appreciated on my latest
> problem.  The Saga
> continues.  (the main content of the problem is in
> last 1/3 of message but
> it all relates)
> 	The Audi gods are REALLy frustrating me.  First
> they bless me by
> letting me get the Turbo 4kq running.  Then they
> curse it with
> problems.  Which I fix.  great.  Now the last
> problem was traced to a
> clogged fuel injector.  I was running to rich for a
> while due to a bad
> warm up regulator and it fouled it up.  A bottle of
> techron fixed that
> though.  Easy fix.  Audi gods shining again.  Then
> today my 4ktq
> mysteriously started to run VERy hot.  Not
> overheating hot but way to hot
> for this temperature.  (20-40 degrees from night to
> day)  About 3/4 up the
> temp gauge.  On the freeway.  usually its about 1/3
> to 1/2 MAX up the
> gauge.  Esp with the 80 deg c  Thermostat that I had
> in there.  So I flush
> the coolant system, pull thermostat to check it, and
> I find a small Pebble
> in It!!!!!  What the H*#*...  I was super Anal about
> the motor int he
> transplant but it seems when I pulled the radiator a
> pebble must have
> gotten kicked in it or something.  It was wedged
> between the thermostat so
> it couldn't close.  Thinking problem fixed I
> reassemble and fill with
> 50/50 mix.  Nope, still gets to hot.  I think, maybe
> the pebble knocked it
> out of alignment so tis not opening all the way?? 
> Pull it agian and boil
> it.  Opens it fine.  Just to make sure I put in a
> new 87 degree unit that
> I had (factory Wahler part just like the 80)  and
> head into town.  Still
> overheats.  Well, gets to hot.  So I stop and do
> some shopping and dream
> of owning the $160 Craftsman Multi Meter they had at
> Sears.  Oooooo, duty
> Cycle, Freq Test, Transistor test (for my stereo
> side), and all the other
> nice goodies a $160 multi meter should have.  In my
> wildest dreams.  I
> cant even afford a new light switch for the 4kq.  
> 	So I continue on and pass the local pull-n-save
> yeard.  hmm, cars
> getting hot again (takes about 10 minutes to get
> uncomfortably hot) so I
> stop knowing there will be Nothing there worth
> buying for me.  Just
> 79" 5000's and Rabbits. :-)  Huhh, whats this.  A
> new in today 86' 4ks and
> an 82'Coupe.   Hmmm, the Gods are shining on me
> again.  Hey, a good light
> switch, looks like I can afford one afterall.  $1
> aint bad.  And I got a
> BUNCH of other stuff I needed for my car and friends
> including the oil
> temp and press senders for the factory Audi Gauges
> (I'm currently
> borrowing the aftermarket VDO units from the ur-q...
>  And an Oil press
> sender for my friends Jetta off the 4ks.  cool. 
> Those arent cheap
> new.  Even TPC wants like 450 for the press sender. 
> (or is that the temp
> sender.  Anyhow, got that, new mirror joystick
> (electric), misc trim
> pieces, more spare window switches to test and
> stockpile.  (many 4ks/5ks
> int he family and friends arena. :-)  Some door
> handles.  New Spare tire
> (mine got ruined as it wanst holding air right and I
> drove on it to get
> home.  (disposable spare. ) :-)    Nifty Toolbox
> tray out of the trunk
> that I decided needed to be used to store all my new
> goodies in and will
> find a place at home for organizing stuff I'm sure.
> :-)  Msc trim pieces,
> vacuum lines, vacuum pump for Power Door locks (in
> case mine fails like it
> did in a friends car), all the fuses from fuse box,
> some light bulbs,
> parking lights from 4k for friends car that needs
> them, Power Antennae
> that works, and a few other small things.  All for
> cheap.  Really
> cheap.  $1 for all the small misc stuff and great
> prices on the rest.  I
> love that place when they get good stuf in. (rarely
> though that is)   The
> only sad part was if I hadn't gone to sears I could
> have gotten some ATE
> Powerdisc rotors in great shape for my friends
> Jetta, and some 4k wheels
> for him to use as snows.  But oh well, I'm happy
> with what I got.  So
> again, Audi gods shining on me.
> 	Now back to the problem.  Still getting hot.  Hasnt
> per say
> overheated as it gets real hot and then stops
> rising.  One tie the
> pressure in the hoses was REALLy high.  Could barely
> squeeze them.  So I
> drain coolant AGAIN and check to make sure the WP
> impreller is still
> spinning.  Crank car and water spouts out of block
> out the outlet int he
> head.  Hmm, jam pump impeller with a screwdriver and
> with a wrench try to
> turn engine oeve.r  Nope, impeller firmly connected
> so its not just free
> spinnign but not moving water well enough.  So, WP
> and Thermostat both
> brand new and working fine.  Radiator appears to be
> flowing fine as when I
> pull the bottom hose water flows out very fast.  And
> the system is holding
> pressure.  50/50 mix of coolant/water.  Radiator Fan
> working
> fine.  Nothing blocking radiator.  What cold it be. 
> Turning heater onn
> seems to effect the temp quite a bit is always warm.
>  so that tells me
> that the coolant is at least flowing inside the
> block and through the
> core.  To get to school, (Finals coming up and I HAD
> t get here) I jsut
> pulle dout the Thermostat and ran without it.  (Had
> to get creative for a
> sealing surface to keep water from leaking out) That
> really helped as now
> the temp on the freeway was where it should be.  It
> started to creep up
> once but then was fine.  90 miles.  Car seems to run
> fine.
> 	Observations, with thermostat in, car warms up
> normally, but
> around the time it should open and allow warm
> coolant inot radiator and
> cold into engine, the bottom radiator hose stays
> cold and it appears that
> coolant isnt flowing through radiator.  I say this
> because of the hose
> staying cold and the fan doesnt kick on.  it takes a
> long time for the fan
> to kick on.  By then the engine is VERy warm, make
> that hot, and then it
> stays that way never coming down.  
> 	Any ideas from anyone.  At this point I only see
> one possibility,
> somehow the engine maybe has a slight leak in its
> BRAND new head Gasket
> that is adding pressure to the cooling system int he
> engine and basically
> locking it up.  But with NO thermostat and coolant
> always flowing it never
> gets hot enough for this to be a problem as the
> pressure never builds up
> because of the continuous coolant flow.  But with
> thermostat by the time
> it opens enine is already heated up so much its
> locked up the coolant
> flow.  The inconsistancy with my theory is that the
> heater core continues
> to provide hot air so there must be hot air flowing
> over it at all
> times.  So does that mean coolant flows through
> block jsut fine but not
> the head???  I had the head re-surfaced and checked
> for straightness but I
> spose the block could have a problem.  I'm REALLY
> hoping this isnt the
> problem but I'm out of ideas.  
> 	Thanks for listening.  I'm VERY frustrated right
> now.  6-months
> converting and I have a car that runs pretty well
> (most of the time) but
> this worries me.  all the other little problems I
> knew were small and
> could fix.  this I'm not sure of now.  Oh yea,
> Compression on ALL 5 cyl's
> is within 2psi of each other.  slightly higher than
> stock, about 175psi
> but I think the gauge might be off a bit and always
> read a bit high.  If
> not, that means my compression is 8.5:1 which is .3
> higher than stock.  I
> guess that might have come from re-surfacing the
> head.  Not a big deal for
> me, I pulls nice.
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