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failing front cv or trans bearing?

  My 88 vw quantum syncro has a high pitch chirping sound coming from the 
front wheel drivetrain (it seems to be close to the trans on the passenger 
side).  This sound only occurs when I am decelerating in gear.  As soon as I 
push the clutch in, the sound goes away, and there is no sound when I coast 
out of gear. The chirp is faster at high speeds (actual speed not engine 
speed) and slower at low speeds.  The sound (which reminds me of loud 
crickets) has been constant (not changing in pitch or volume) for about 900 
miles now and I am driving it daily.  When I go down hills I coast out of 
gear but when I shift back into gear the drivetrain chirps as I engage the 
clutch.  To reiterate, the sound only happens when i take my foot off the 
gas in any gear.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that might help me 
find the source of this sound they would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
   Tyler Schultz

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