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91 200 TQW for sale

I thought I'd pass this along to the list, since it is such a clean,rare
car. This ad appeared in the Denver Post last Sunday:

4. 91 200 Turbo Quattro Wgn. Metallic ext/gray int. Pristine cond. 81K mi.
$15,000. (303) 770-4045 

I checked out the car for a friend of mine. The current owner (Bruce ?)
originally bought it in early '92 at Prestige Audi in Denver and has had it
serviced there since. He claims he has spent over $5k on maintenance in the
past several years, but did not have the service records - they are all on
file at Prestige. Some of the items he has replaced include timing belt and
related parts (water pump,etc), radiator, front rotors and pads (UFO).
Clutch is original and will probably go another 20-30k miles. I did not see
any leaks anywhere, not even Pentosin. The car has been garaged its whole
life and , other than a little nick on the front right fender, appears to be
only a few years old -- very clean throughout.

Things I noticed wrong:
-Turn signal indicators in dash always lit (short?)
-Anti-lock off button doesn't work (switch,relay?) -- ABS does turn off with
rear diff locked
-Rear seat heaters don't work (relay,sensor?)
-Max boost 1.4 bar - should be 1.7 (WOT switch, vacuum hose?)

My friend decided he wants a wagon instead of a sedan. I can't afford
another Audi, since I'm still paying for my 4000 turbo conversion. I have no
affiliation with the owner, but someone from the List should buy this car --
the price is high, but I've never seen a nicer one!

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcstq
86 5kcstq