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RE: Home made intercooler

You're way beyond me on this, I got out of engineering long ago.  Injecting 
water into the intake seems like a tricky thing, too much could lead to wet 
steam and many problems.  External cooling seems more harmless and more 
appropriate for us shade-tree mechanics on limited budgets.

'90 200tqw
>The idea is to mix an inert substance into the fuel/air mixture where
>the inert substance has a greater volume increase than the burnt gas.
>In non-watered combustion, you start with gas and wind up with a greater
>volume because it's hotter.  But the expansion is only 30x or so.  Water
>expands 1650 times when it boils from liquid to vapour, and then the
>vapour gets heated _as_ _well_.  However, it takes a vast amount of heat
>out of the burnt charge doing this, and causes havoc in I5 engines.
>The trick is very regularly used in military aircraft, especially
>STOL transports.

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