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RE: REPOST: 88 5ksq trunk latch spring -- Thanks to all

Thanks to you and everyone else that replied!  If I understand correctly, it
appears that there is a loop and a hook on the spring.  Loop goes around a
grooved post and the hook goes through the locking lever.  Didn't seem like
enough distance, but perhaps it is different when system is engaged.

- Andrejs

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A fellow lister in distress!  I had a look on my 87 5kq and I can't
see where the end of the spring goes inside the latch.  The end of the
spring I can see seems to go on a post, or perhaps through a hole in a
post as the anchor point.  The other end must go onto the latch, the
hook shaped lever so it will lever open and shut.  Is there a hole in
the latch part?  What do you think?  I can't really help out further
without taking the thing apart.  Hope this helps.


Follow up.  I had one of these in my trusty parts box. Off an 87 5k.
Part # 443 827 505 D.  There is a plastic cover on it as well # 443
827 563 A.  There are only two places that you can attach the spring.
One is the actuator lever, and the other the latch.  I would just
stretch out the spring a little curve it around, and you have contact
brother!  The old spring on mine shows no signs of corrosion. The
rest...well...maybe a little bit:)