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Re: expensive 4kq tranny noises??

I took a closer look at things, and as Huw pointed out and as I could
clearly see, there is NO way it could be the tranny.. DUH it doesn't go
back that far.  So I looked for other culprits.  I at first didn't suspect
the driveshaft support (the rubber part) as it was replaced under 40k ago,
but I guess that is a long enough time for them to fail.  The rubber
indeed appears to have the typical cracking that rubber gets as it
ages.  Also, I noticed that while sitting, the shaft sits a bit low in the
support.  This of course could be attributed to the weakness in the
rubber, but I suppose the weight of the shaft would naturally compress
things a bit.  How low is it supposed to sit?

Secondly, I took a look at the e-brake just to make sure it wasn't the
culprit, and I noticed that there is a little bracket that is perhaps
suppost to hold the cable (before it splits into the two cables going to
each disc), but I'm not sure.  It could also be a bracket for the stock
exhaust system, but I put in a $$ system a while ago, and it may just not
use that one...  Anybody got any ideas?


Marc Swanson


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor (Parting out)