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ic progess report

Ok the build began today. Roughly, I'm about 1/3 of the way done. I found
20 ft lengths of 3/8" straight copper, but the solder job on them was very
tough. Also, I feel strength will be a concern due to the butted soldering
method. The suitable size pipe is only available as coiled for
refrigerator at $15/15 ft lengths. Too much, all things considered. Anyone
have any ideas or cheap supplies on hand? The smaller pipe will be ideal
as it will flex and slip inside the drilled holes I've made in the end
caps. I would like to get a 40 ft supply of straight, but not sure if it's
even made. I would need to shell another $45 out for the coiled. 
Flexiblility and strength. Surface area and air flow improved. 

I ended up using 2.5" copper elbows and their respective end caps. Temp
sensor and other ports are going to be no problem. The core is 9.25" long
and the tb outlet will be 2.5".

Lots of hack work and elbow grease and cuts. Dril press used to chamfer
holes. Bits not happy.

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