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Re: Crank Seal

Hi Iain;

    The seal is designed to keep oil in more than it is designed to keep air
out. The seal lips face inward and the seal is open to the inside, so oil
pressure forces the lips against the crank. Air pressure from the outside
pushes the seal lips away from the crank, so I would think it is possible to
leak air and not oil. Besides, I had this whistle on my '91 200q and it went
away when I replaced the oil seal as part of the t-belt job. It didn't leak
any oil, but had an ear-piercing whistle when first started in winter.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km

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> Alexander
> I would like to know how the seal whistles if it doesn't leak oil, one
would assume that if air can pass then so can oil. Does it leak oil?????
> Iain
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>     It seems as if my front crank seal is bad.  The loud whistling noise
> must be the crank seal since after adjusting the alternator/water pump
> the noise persisted.  I pulled the dipstick when the whistling was
> and then allowed the engine to sit for a sec, then I revved and the noise
> was gone.  I assume that is a good indication that the seal is bad.  How
> pertinent a job is this?  I also have a popping noise which sounds like
> moving around down there.  Is this an ASAP job?
> Thanks!
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