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Re: driveshaft carrier lubrication


    When I lubed the U joint on my '91 200q driveshaft, I turned the zerk
fitting with a small wrench to a point where I could get the grease gun on
it. Can't remember which way I turned it, but it made greasing it a snap. I
tightened it back up when I was done.
    Can't grease the S4 that easily, though - you have to pull the exhaust
system and heat shield just to see the driveshaft. I'm assuming there is no
grease fitting on the u-joint at this point :o)

Fred Munro
'94 S4 93k km

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Subject: driveshaft carrier lubrication

> While I was poking around under my car I made an attempt at greasing up
> the carrier bearing (the one with the grease fitting at the Universal
> Joint), and I had a heck of a time trying to rig up a contraption of hoses
> to my grease gun to get grease in there.  I ended up giving up after
> getting very little, if any, grease in there.  Is there anything out there
> that lets you screw a fitting into the end of the grease gun like a
> tapered hose fitting that would let me attach a hose that is a diameter
> small enough to fit over the nipple on the Universal Joint?  I checked my
> FLAPS, but couldn't find anything...
> Thanks
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