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RE: REPOST:A4 1.8T cold start problem: Help please

My beloved '96 1.8Tqm has developed a cold start problem:
First turn of key - engine fires, misses struggles then stalls, this may
happen 2-3 times before starting. Then while the engine is still not fully
warmed light throttle applications causes slight loss of power/hesitation
before picking up.

When fully warmed performs fine and will start fine too. Interestingly if
the engine is cold BUT the car has been sitting in hot sun the engine fires

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated as my dealer is unable to help so far.

P.S. I have a 187hp MTM computer upgrade and a K&N filter fitted.


Greg Spark
'96 A4 1.8Tqm
'87 80 1.8E (non-q)
'98 Golf MkIV 1.6 (good lady didn't like the upholstery in the GTI :(  )