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how to flare fenders

I have to second what DeWitt said about flared fenders.  Last fall my car stalled at a light (dreaded fuel pump relay) and another driver hit me on the corner of my rear bumper as she attempted to go around, then drove away (but that's another story).  Anyway, she didn't hit me very hard, and the damage was fairly minor, a scraped bumper and a bulging fender.  It was only noticable to me, especially when comparing it with the other side.  Anyway, even though it was only out of whack a couple of cm's, it looked ridiculous.  It reminded me of the last model of Chevy Caprice where the rear  wheel wells stick way out over the wheels, but aren't flared.  NOT a good look, IMHO.

Jeff Mruss

"I am not faulting the method and do not mean the result will look rough
or lumpy. Sorry I gave that impression. My point is that this mod, no
matter how carefully done will look "home-brew." The bulge you get, even
a small one, sticks out like a sore thumb aesthetically speaking imho. I
think even calling this "flaring" is misleading. It is "bulging" which looks
nothing like flared fenders. To my eye, it resembles the way sheet metal
above the rear wheels tends to swell outward when the car has been hit from