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Water Cooling

> It seems like we are talking about two situations, external use of water to
> help cool the intake charge and water injection into the intake charge
> itself.  For the first situation I doubt that there is a real need to create
> a fine mist of water as what you want to do is take advantage of the cooling
> effects of the water evaporating away from the intercooler.  AAMOF, it seems
> to me that if you had something that already created a vapor it would be
> relatively useless as the liquid water had already absorbed the heat of
> vaporization from somewhere else before it even got to the intercooler.

No.  Check out any standard work on calculating 'wind chill' effects.
If the air in front of the car has an RH of 5% and you can raise it to
15%, you make a _very_ significant difference to the cooling properties
of that air - even if you don't change its temperature.

This is why you Yanks always find England so cold.  It's the same
temperature as back home, but the humidity is so much higher.  Plus the
heating and plumbing in most hotels and even many private houses flat
doesn't work ... but I digress.

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