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Jamex front strut bar group purchase

Thanks to the EIGHT people who have bought bars!

I still have quite a few left.  If you want one, PLEASE follow the
instructions below.  PLEASE don't delay as I carried the cost of the order
due to many people saying "I want one," but haven't received the number of
checks to match!

If you would like a stress bar for $105 (US funds) which includes priority
mail delivery within the continental USA, please let me know ASAP.  Then
send a check to:

John Karasaki
4615 SW Palatine St.
Portland, OR 97219

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery to Canada is an additional $25 and an additional fee
of $10 on top of that to cash foreign cashier's checks or money orders (the
exact fee my bank charges me).  Therefore, bars sent to Canada are $140 US

Thanks so much in advance!

Best Regards,

John Karasaki