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016 quattro transmission; 3 questions

No, 4 questions. I still have my 88 5ktq transmission out on the bench
from a clutch replacement. I'm ready to put it back in, but before I do,
I'd like to make sure to do all I can to keep it working.  

1) the ball on the shift lever is wobbly and I'm wondering if it can be
taken off and peened tight again without risk of damage.

2) I have drained both the tranny front section and final drive from
their respective two drain holes. Do they both fill from the one hole
that I can see in the front section or does the final drive have to be
filled separately?

3) In playing around with the differential lock on the bench and turning
the input shaft, I don't find any difference in the way the transmission
operates, locked or unlocked. ie, I turn the input clockwise and all
three shafts turn clockwise; I hold one front drive flange and the other
continues clockwise; the rear drive always turns with the input shaft.
Does this sound right? Can the Diff. lock be tested on the bench?

4) I have a new release bearing and guide sleeve from Carlsen and
specified a metal guide sleeve, which I did get. But I notice that the
inside of the release bearing is plastic while my old one was metal. Are
these parts compatable? If so, should the guide sleeve be lubricated or

TIA for answers to any or all questions

Doug	88 5ktq
		76 fiat 124
		69 BSA Rocket 3