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Re: Type 44 Single Pass Intercoolers in US? Mac-07 ECU

The knock in turbo engines, IME, is much louder than the n/a engines. May
also be slightly higher in pitch.

FP cutoff, I use a seatheater switch in the center dash pod receptacles
for 'em. This switch is wired to the respective fp relay terminals from
the ecu. 
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*personal experience and may not necessarily reflect yours. Use caution as
*your results may vary from mine."

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Todd Phenneger wrote:

> THANKS for the reply,
> 	I appreciate it.  Sorry it took me so long to get back to
> you.  Been busy troubleshooitng my latest problem.  Grrrr.
> > Todd, I safely ran well over 2.0 bar on my old kh with my wastegate mod
> > and no electronics alterations. There was no sensed knock nor was there
> > anything audible. It took me a loose sensor in my current mc engined car
> > to know for sure that the sound of knock in type 44's isn't deadened by
> > the time it reach the pass compartment.
> 	i've heard that the turbo engines Knock sound is different than a
> NA motor.  I can hear knock in a VW 4-cyl orany other NA motor from a mile
> away.  but on a trubo motor I've never heard it.  (never owned one before
> know)  Some say its much higher pitched and faster whatever that
> means.  Every time I hit the gas I hear a rattling int h4e engine
> compartment.  But I'm 995 sure this is the WG Freq valve or the WG itself
> doing its thing.  If I recognize it in NA cars will I in the turbo
> motor.  ESp in a 4kq where theere is no Sound deadenign. :-0
> 	anyhow, I believe that a post like this is what first make me
> think that the KH didn't have the early fuel cutoff.  How do you get 2.0
> bar if the FP cuts in at 1.65 when you claim no electronic
> modifications.  You had to have modified SOMETHING to get that 2.0 bar to
> keep the computer from cutting in.  what did you do???
> > The kh: indicated 2.0 bar, external gauge: 2.2 approx. No knock and just
> > kept making power past redline. I'm still trying to duplicate the feel.
> > Felt something like the old body style Q45 with the more powerful motor. I
> > ran it in this confugation for a couple of years and when I removed the
> > head after wrecking the car, I was astonished to find that there was only
> > a light skin of a ridge at the top of the cylinders, bore was very
> > continuous throughout, and the cylinders appeared to have the factory
> > cross/honing marks! Over 150k was on this motor and about 60k with high
> > boost. Every start from a redlight was a full throttle one.
> 	sounds like you drive like I do.  I love feeling
> acceleration.  And I'm not afraid to show everyone else.  I'm not crazy or
> anything but I love Freeway On Ramps.  Always have to distance myself
> fromt he guys behind me.  Cant wait now that I have a car that a Toyota
> Pickup cant pass on those on-ramps.  Thats the ONLY time I miss my old 65'
> Buick.  300hp and over 4000 lb/ft of torque was sure fun.  :-)  But a Dump
> Truck could probably corner better. :-)  Anyhow, I would like to run 2.0
> bar after I get the IC installed so please, let me knwo how to do this if
> you could.
> > It's funny; the same mods made to my mc don't produce what feels nearly as
> > powerful results (note the wording feel). Additionally, the computer
> > appears to defeat whatever mods are made. The wgfv doesn't allow more than
> > 1.5 bar (makes sense), but sags off idle response, delaying the onset of
> > HIGH boost. I hope to find some fuel/boost/spark maps to be able to
> > compare them to the factory manual maps I have for the mac 07. I may make
> > the switch to the mac 07 for arguements sake and see what happens. May be
> > the kick I'm looking for in terms of more timing where I need it.
> 	Hmmm, that would be interesting.  I plan to try the MC cam int he
> Kh to see if that gives mroe power as it appers to be more aggressive but
> who knows.  
> 	hey, I saw that you are building your own IC???  cool.  Keepme
> updated.  I still need to search for your original post.  I still have to
> sift through old messages fromt he weekend. I ws plannign to use a
> Mitsubishi conquest unit that is Aluminum and single pass.  Not sure how
> good it is but its better than nothing. :-)
> 	l8r
> 		Todd